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“You must get as much as you can
from any journey,
because in the end,
the journey is all you have."

So why not live?
by "Paulo Coelho"

Nikos Mageris
CEO & Founder
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Welcome to Chriscrossing

Chriscrossing is the result of experienced travelers and travel professionals that have partnered up to offer you impeccable transfer services. Having traveled around the world for the past forty years continuously, in places difficult to cross, having sought for services for adventure, relaxation, stay, food, we have come to realize that what we have missed and dreamed of the most is the need of every traveler, every seeker, adventurer, not only to get to their destination safely, but to make a great experience out of it as well. So, we decided that we should contribute to this magical journey prescription for any person who would seek great experiences while traveling. Our team, with extensive experience of traveling around the world, aims to contribute to the age-old human need. Transport. Service the desire to reach farther, see new places and learn about other societies. Chriscrossing, with your best interest and desires at heart, can drive you and show you, reveal to you the secret gems of our country along the way. We can show you the ancient secrets fraught with precious beauty, the hidden corners and secret hiding places, along with major attractions and attractive tourist destinations. We are able not only to show you the way but also what lies beneath and the world around you.
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Meet Our Expert Team

Nikos Mageris

CEO & Founder

Olya Ruda

Tour Coordinator and Manager
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